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In my home kitchen, I brew probiotic beverages in a safe & hygienic environment. Here are some variants!




Kombucha is a naturally effervescent fermented drink made by fermenting a mixture of sugared tea with a symbiotic bacteria & yeast culture (SCOBY) to produce a naturally flavourful tang. This is a technique dating back thousands of years – now brought to you by Tejal Suvarna’s kitchen!


This is a completely safe, ready-to-drink, polyphenol & antioxidant rich probiotic beverage that does wonders for your digestion, gut health & skin health, as well as being all natural, low on added sugars & good for health! Our kombucha is artisanal, home-brewed in sterilized glass jars in small batches so that we can pay attention to quality and hygiene.




All the way from Mexico, is a drink made of pineapple peels & rinds called Tepache. Tangy, sweet, effervescent & absolutely refreshing, a burst of tropical flavour.




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