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Buttery Strawberry Jam

Buttery Strawberry Jam

(Before you start working on strawberry place a saucer/ plate in freezer to chill us need it for consistency check later.)


500gms strawberry
500gms sugar.
Juice of 1 lime (lime contains natural pectin which causes jelly texture of jam)
1 tbsp Vanilla extract/ 1 Vanilla bean
50gms butter.



1. 500gms strawberry (chopped& smashed). Cook for 10 mins till rolling boil.
2. Then add 250 gms sugar+ Juice of 1 lime & boil 10 mins (remove white froth/ scum from top).
3. Then add 250gms more sugar & 50 gms butter (this reduces the scum formation).mix well & bring to a rolling boil.
4. Add vanilla & spices of choice. Then cook on med gas & cook 10 mins.
5. Then drop on cold saucer/ plate & wait 2 mins, it should hold shape it gives you an exact judgment as to what consistency your jam will be once it’s cooled. Basically the more you cook the thicker your jam will be so it on you how runny or thick you want your jam to be.
6. Cool 10 mins & then pour in sterilised glass jar. Sterilising is the key to long shelf life of jam so do it well.


1. Boil the glass bottles, the ladle (you will use to transfer jam to bottles) & the metal lid of the bottles in hot water for 10 minutes.
2. If your bottle cap has rubber inner lining just dip it in Luke warm water for 5 mins.
3. After 10 minutes use a thong/clasp to remove the bottles from the hot water do not touch the brim of the bottle with hands as this will contaminate the bottle & the bottle has to be sterilised again
4. Keep the sterilised bottles to dry naturally or under fan do not try to dry with a cloth as it contaminates the bottle.
5. Once dry transfer hot ready jam into the sterilised bottles & seal the lid as the jam cools a vacuum will form within the bottle which ensure good shelf life of the jam.
6. Try not to open the bottle for 2-3 days as this allows the jam to mature & enhances taste.

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