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1. Maida – 600gms
2. Butter – 300gms
3. Salt – 1tsp
4. Lemon – 1no

Method: –
1) Sieve the flour in a wide vessel & Keep aside 100grams of the flour.
2) Add 1 tablespoon of room temp butter, lemon juice (helps develop the gluten) and salt to flour and knead soft dough just like chapatti dough.
3) Cover the dough & rest it for 30 mins & knead it once again lightly.
4) With a pounder pound the butter till lil soft & shape it into a square and place it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.
5) Now take the dough and spread it on kitchen top and roll it into square bigger than the butter square.
6) Place the frozen Butter in the centre of the dough and cover it with the dough from the edges like an envelope making sure that all the pastry edges are packed properly and there’s no room for the butter to leak out.
7) Sprinkle some dry flour on the pastry and roll it out into a rectangular shape with a light pressure. You have to be light-handed to ensure that the butter doesn’t leak out.
8) Fold the pastry rectangle in 3 flaps i.e.: imagine rectangle in 3 segments # 1-2-3 segment #2 is the centre# so fold 1 on top of 2 & then 3 on top of this (fold also known as Book fold) & put this dough book in the fridge for 20mins so that the butter in between the pastry sheets chills again & doesn’t leak.
9) Take out the dough sheet / book from the refrigerator after 20mins & keep the fold part to our right just like how a book opens to the right and roll it again and fold it again from the edges( book fold) .Place it in the refrigerator for another 20mins. (Totally book fold to be done 4 times)
10) your pastry sheet / book is ready for baking.
11) Roll the Puff Pastry Dough into 1/3 inch thickness sheet and cut it into square shape & prepare Stuffed puff pastry by stuffing the centre with filling & stick the edges with water.
12) Bake 10mins @ 230C & then 10-15mins @ 180C. That’s the secret to the fluffed & crispy layers.
(Puff pastry Sheets can be stored in the refrigerator to use later. But remember to keep a parchment between two pieces of cut pastry sheets so they don’t
stick to each other. When you want to make Puff pastry thaw the Puff Sheet 4-5 hours before baking & make pastry of choice).

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