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1kg onion (thinly sliced)
3/4cup wheat flour
1/8cup corn flour
Salt to taste
1/2tsp baking soda



  1. Heat oil on a large wok or kadai.
  2.  Mix all the ingredients together & deep fry in hot oil till golden & crispy.
  3. Cool & store in an airtight container or 2 separate zip lock bags in the freezer section of refrigerator.
  4. Store the oil in which the onion is fried separately & use for special dishes. The oil is so aromatic     & flavourful it adds excellent flavour to the dish it’s used in for cooking .Instantly zings up the normal dal or any gravy especially if it’s chicken/ egg gravy & Palak paneer.
  5. The barista can used in biryanis, pulao & adds thicken to gravy when used because of the wheat flour used for coating it.
  6. I generally prepare a batch of Birista in the beginning of every month & store in 2 or 4 separate batches just saves time & makes life so much easier especially if you have surprise guests & need to cook in a jiffy.
  7. Well now that you have the recipe be prepared with your batch of Birista as I will be sharing loads of recipes with Birista in it.
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