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Thai festival at J W Marriot Sahar Airport Mumbai

Swadeka is the sound you hear as soon as you think of Thailand the land of amazing fruits & satay .
J W Marriot has got this beautiful experience of Thailand to our very own Mumbai .I had been invited  by the blogadda group( ) to experience this amazing fest review it .I must admit it was a experience worth writing about for sure .
meeting the every smiling Thai Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae was a pleasure.She indeed had made the best arrangements to bring her homeland kinda experience to the event .
As soon as you enter the restraint you are welcomed with  a beautiful boat full of exotic Thai fruits like Rambutan , Longan , Dragon fruit ,Wax Apple /Love apple , Mangosteen …………
The beaituful love apple that never fails to catch your attention.Tastes a bit like a fig & a little like an apple .
The famous Thai purple Mangosteen  often called as queen of fruits due to its cooking effect . It has soft delicate white 4-8 segments within that’s the edible part of the fruit .
Longan (lamyai) the coffee colored  lychee  also known as the “dragon eyes” because of the fruit’s resemblance to an eyeball when its skin is removed .Longan also happens to be of my favorite fruits.
Rambutan (ngaw) the beautiful pink green hairy fruit originally  from the Surat Thani province when peeled has a white flesh with a large seed within which tastes sweet & mildy acidic .
 Fruits all set to be consumed pick any & enjoy that’s what the spread felt like .


The ever smiling Chef Rungtiwa personally made the Soum Tham salad for few of the guests & I was one of the fortunate ones to taste the awesome salads she made .The salad had a perfect medley of flavors grated raw papaya was the base & gave a crunchy texture & the pounded peanuts lend a nutty texture & the hot chilles sure made their presence felt in the salad & the kaffir lime jucie was a beautiful addition to the salad .

A beautiful display of the Soum Tham salad ingredients super inviting isn’t it .
The crunchy hot tangy raw papaya salad Soum Tham.

Along with salad was the sticky rice cakes with fried chicken a snack locally enjoyed in Thailand.

Right after you finish enjoying your biwl of fresh slad you come across the Tom Yam  soup counter which again is a major display of traditional thai flavors & ingredients .A choice of two broths the plain broh & the spicy chilly broth which is then flavoured further with addition of the other ingredients you can choose from like the meat balls,fish,chicken,prawns , mussels ,exotic veggies ,Enoki mushrooms etc.There was a choice noodles as well like the spinach noodles ,glass noodles & the traditional noodles .








The flavours of the aromatic Tom Yam soup is something that you will not forget in a longggg time is assure you . 

As we were busy chit chatting & enjoying the soup Chef came with another surprise from her Pandora of Thai goodies .It was a bowlful of unique flavored Thai cashews .Im still guessing the ingredients it was coated with superb on the palate I must say .It had flavors of lemon grass lime chilly & palm jaggery ………well these are just my guesses am not really sure of what the  ingredients were but it was so delicious
Cool & refreshing Longan drink ,very unique & soothing . 

The Satay spread pretty impressive as Chef  made sure not only the non vegetarians but also the vegetarians could enjoy it .There was wide choice of satays for the  vegetarians like pineapple satay,tofu satay& mushroom satay. The non vegetarians had a choice of  fish satay ,Prawns satay& chicken satay with a wide choice of dips & sauces as well .tasted most of them & it was good .

The sauces & dips for the satays beautifully presented in traditional stone bowls.

Tofu Satay

 Pineapple satay

Assorted satay I relished .
  Khow suey  the one pot meal made with noodles served in a spicy and flavorful sauce made from coconut milk made with loads of variations all over the Asia. The  Khow suey served at the Thai fest was one of the best I have ever had & I wouldn’t mind going back one more time just to have the Khow suey . 

The famous aromatic creamy Red& Green Thai curries made with traditional Thai ingredients such as galangal,kaffir lime leaves,lemon grass,coconut milk  & few more ingredients  with veggies & meat of choice.Best had with hot sticky rice or noodles .
Grilled Coconut Pancake (Kanom Krok) made with  mixture of flour batter and coconut cream cooked in a cast-iron pan with cup like cavity . After the flour mix is cooked, a sweet coconut milk topping is added & garnsihed with either sweet corn or spring onion leaves or sweet cooked  pineapple topping .Its crispy on the outside and soft & creamy in the middle .

Finally the evening ended with a goodies bag personally signed by Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae .Another treat from the Thai Pandora awesome rose cookies dipped in dark ,milk & white  chocolate each & garnished with nutties .Truly unique presentation & superb in taste .the goofy box also had a cute box full of  yummy Thai spiced Cashews.



I would like the congratulate JW Marriott for hosting such a successful event & would recommend all my friends & readers to visit this event as it a true Thai culinary journey you wouldn’t want to miss. Sawaddee (bye) to all.













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