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Dungarwala Til Baingan

Dungarwala Til Baingan

Dungarwale Til Baingan
(Smoked Crispy Sesame Aubergine)



• 1 large Baingan /brinjal /Aubergine
• 2tbsp red chili powder
• 2tbsp dhania jeera powder (cumin & coriander powder )
• 1tsp garam masala
• 1 pinch hing (Asafoteida )
• 1tsp haldi (turmeric)
• Salt to taste
Coating Powder:
• 1cup Rice flour
• 1tsp haldi (turmeric)
• 2tbsp dhania jeera powder (cumin & coriander powder )
• 2tbsp red chili powder
• 1/4tsp chat masala
• Salt to taste
Sesame Sprinkle:
• 1/8cup of kotmir/coriander leaves (finely chopped )
• 4-5tbsp roasted white til /sesame seeds
• 1/tsp. black salt

Step 1:
• Mix all the spice powders together & spread on a plate & keep aside.
• Cut the Aubergine /Baingan into1mm slices & rub with salt & after 2 minutes dab with clean dry towel.
• Cover the slices of Aubergine on both sides with the masala powder & refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
Step 2:
• Mix all the ingredients together & spread on a large plate.
• Dab the marinated Baingan/Aubergine slices on the spiced flour mixture make sure you dab all the slices & place on a separate plate.
• Do not dab & fry slices one at a time (reason being if you want uniform cooking of all slices you need to add them all at the same time if you add slices slowly one by one it will cause the 1st slice to overcook by the time you finish coating & put the last slice on the pan ).
Step 3:
• Pound golden roasted white sesame seeds / Til & coriander in a mortar, Black salt & pestle (silbatta).
• Do not use an electronic mixer to gring the 2 together as it will hamper the taste of the sesame.
Step 4:
• Heat a non-stick & add 1tbsp ghee & fry the slices.
• Cover & cook on low flame .Once the base is cooked crisp turn it & add a drop of ghee on each slice & sprinkle the sesame & coriander mix cook covered till the other side is cooked & the sesame ghee flavour infuse well
• After 5mins remove the lid & cook till crisp & golden.
Now time for some real action
• Take a piece of coal & heat in on the flame till its red & smoking.

• Once its red transfer it into a glass or metal bowl, place it in the centre of the pan & pour a tiny dollap of ghee on the red coal & cover immediately to trap the aromatic ghee flavoured smoke from the coal .Remove the lid after 5mins & the real flavours would have sinked into the slices by now .

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• Serve hot with a mixture of curd +salt +roasted jeera/cumin powder.
I can assure you 1 thing & that’s my guarantee that you can’t stop at 1 slice for sure .Especially if you serve it piping hot with some rice dal & ghee .I know we are always tempted to keep some slices for later & savour it in peace however all that happens is it gets soggy & mushy .However if you dunk it into the flavoured curd mixture then wallah you have your dahi Baingan mash all set to gulp down with hot phulkas .Enjoyyyyy……….

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